Baskett Arrives

Favre’s 6’4″ WR returned Wednesday. Sidney Rice is not his name. Hank Baskett returns to the Vikings after three years with the Eagles and spending last year with the Superbowl runner-up Colts.

With no WR on the Vikings roster above 6’1″, Baskett offers size that only Shiancoe could offer. Asking him to replace Rice’s production from last year is a bit much, but before last season, Baskett began putting up decent numbers with the Eagles (33 Rec, 440 Yds, 3 TD).

Here are some Hank Baskett highlights when he spoke with the media earlier today:

“It’s a great opportunity and I’m just looking to contribute to the organization any way I can. Whether it’s offense, I’d love to do that, or special teams.”

“Everyone knows the Superbowl isn’t won in week one or week two. Everybody has high aspirations. Coach says, ‘You crawl before you walk, and then you start running.’ You start out with a big win this week and then you get momentum going.”

On what he can offer the Vikings?
“Whatever they ask of me. The fact that I know all of the positions on offense is what helped me be around in Philadelphia.”

On how Favre will help him?
“You know the guy can put the ball anywhere at anytime. He expects a lot out of the guys he plays with. Hopefully he can take my game to that next level.”

On replacing Sidney’s size on the field?
“That’s what helped me in Philadelphia, in the redzone being a bigger receiver. I think that’s one thing their looking for from me, is to go up and get the ball.”

On possible chance at getting back to the Superbowl – failure last year in Indy?
“In this league you have to have a short term memory.” (Onside kick that hit his chest and was recovered by NOLA) “Everyone knows a game isn’t changed on one play. It was a tough situation. I take pride in special teams. You know my wife was harping on me the most.”

On gaining Favre’s trust?
“I know it takes time. It’s either put up or shut up. I got to come out here and perform and get his confidence. It’s not going to be given.

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