Week 3 – Minnesota Vikings vs. Detroit Lions

This afternoon the Minnesota Vikings handled the much improved, yet still 0-3, Detroit Lions 24-10.

Adrian Peterson is making it his personal mission to avenge the fiasco that was the NFC Championship. Adrian ran for 160 YDS on 23 CAR and 2 TD. Peterson iced the game with a career long 80-yard TD in the 3rd quarter, putting the Vikings up 24-10.

The defense once again stole the show. The D gave up 10 points, and the lone touchdown came on a drive that started at the MIN 12 yard-line due to a Brett Favre interception. The unit forced three turnovers, and nearly half of Detroit’s yards came on the last two drives, which both ended in interceptions. Although the pass offense is sputtering, when Minnesota’s defense can get a lead, the game is essentially over.

Honorary Mention: CBs Chris Cook and Cedric Griffin. It was nice just to see Griffin play again, and he handled himself well. Chris Cook, welcome to the NFL. Cook played great against one the NFL’s premier WRs, Calvin Johnson. Cook allowed a few underneath routes to Johnson, but never got burned, displayed excellent ball skills, and delivered a few hard hits.

What’s new? The WR unit lacks separation and continuity with their QB. I have been remiss to admit the severity of losing Sidney Rice, but it is official, the Vikings miss him… BAD! One man does not make a team (or an offense in this case), but Rice could bail out Favre at least once a drive. Favre targeted ten receivers tonight, trying desperately to find a go-to-man. Leading me to the next victim of the “bad” list.

Favre threw 2 more INTs, making his total 6 on the year (compared to just 7 INT all last year). Sure blame is given to the receivers and offensive line, but Favre pulls the proverbial trigger. The trick is not locating the problem, but instead resides with finding the solution. The Vikings may just resort to trying to win ugly. Doing that for an entire season could be costly, but holding fort until Rice returns may be their best bet.

This title will be replaced with “THE UGLY” in the event of a Vikings loss, but since they won the title will be “THE BEAUTIFUL.” The beautiful of today’s game was getting the elusive one on the left side of your win-loss column. Today’s game was ugly, but who cares when you win. Even the best teams win ugly. Now that is not to say that the bye week should be used just for rest. Chilly needs to keep mixing his potions until either he finds the right solution to the Vikings passing attack, or until Rice returns and they can truly see the offense at full strength.

Peterson? The defense? Peterson? The defense? Well, the defense deserves a gold star, or two, for their superior play these past three weeks, but the game ball has to go to the man who will carry the Vikings on his broad shoulders: Adrian. A couple of highlight runs, 2 TD, all in a days work for AP. As of date, he is the Vikings offense and will be for the foreseeable future. Anyone who thought Chris Johnson was the best RB in the NFL was misguided. Johnson is exciting, and 2,000 yards is hard to come by, but All Day is all world.

Check back throughout the week for more news and notes. There will definitely be more news after Wednesday’s practice. SKOL VIKINGS!

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