Week 5 – Preview: Vikings at Jets

1st Down:

Let’s get through the ugly stuff right away.  I am not a legal expert, nor do I understand Roger Goodell’s punishment chart, but Brett Favre appears to have done something wrong.  To what extent, we will soon find out.  The only positive in this situation is he would be considered a first time offender.

The reason I bring this up in actual game preview is it needs to be seen if Favre can focus on the football field in the city where the allegations are stemming from.  On the season Favre has 2 TD and 6 INT.  The Jets do not appear to be the team you are going to improve those stats upon.  Which leads me to the next down… his new toy.

2nd Down:

Randy Moss has come back home.  Will this be the missing piece that frees up Shancoe, Harvin, and Berrian?  Moss told Minnesota fans, “break out your 84 jerseys.”  You have to assume this will only help Peterson as Rice did last year.

Moss had 2 TD against the Jets earlier this year, but had no receptions past halftime.  Revis and Cromartie claimed Moss took his foot off the gas.  However, every time Randy moves location, he feels he has something to prove.  Whether motivation by money, revenge, or pride, look for Moss to make a statement instantly.

3rd Down:

These may not be the Purple People Eaters, but the Vikings defense has been nothing but superb.  Sure you would like to see more turnovers and sacks, but 12.7 PTS/GM will win you games… won’t it?  Thus far a 1-2 record doesn’t indicate that, but the odds are with you.

Pertaining to this game, the Vikings will need to cause at least one TO by Mark Sanchez, who currently has zero on the year.  The Jets run first, run second, and sometimes third, so stopping the ground game will be priority one.  That may cause single coverage on the outside, and although the Vikings are missing Chris Cook, Cedric Griffin’s return makes covering Braylon Edwards, Dustin Keller, and returning Santonio Holmes (suspension) slightly easier.  It will be interesting to see what impact, if any, Holmes can make on the Jets passing game.

4th Down:

Although Moss is back, the offense needs to continue to ride Peterson, especially in games against top five teams.  Moss may need to score, but Peterson will keep the ball moving and open up the passing attack.

Assuming the coaching staff sticks with the run and doesn’t go crazy with their new target, Peterson should still rack up yards against a stout Jet’s run D.  If Peterson has 100 yards and a score, I’d put my money on the Vikings walking out with a win.


I hope I am wrong, but playing the Jets in New York, with what I’ve seen so far this year, I have to go with the J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!  I’ll go 17-13 loss for the Vikings, with the Vikings having a chance to win at the end.  Make no mistake, it is a winnable game.  Skol Vikings!

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