The Moss Effect

The Locker Room Individually

Wednesday, not one Minnesota Vikings player said one bad word regarding Randy Moss’ second tenure in Purple.  The media received a lot of the standard (using a robotic voice): “Randy was a great teammate.  We are sad to see him go.  We must support the organizations decision.  Etc.”

However one player in particular, while choosing his words carefully, could not hide his frustration.  Let’s just say Percy Harvin was not and is not thrilled with Brad Childress or the Vikings’ brass.  Instead of giving you my take or quotes, let’s give you the words from the lips of Harvin himself:

Percy Harvin Audio

The frustration could not be hidden on his face either.  Harvin’s words were carefully chosen (notice the “ums” and silence in the clip).  You could also easily gather Percy and others felt blindsided.

The Locker Room as a Whole

This is what struck me so odd.  The locker room, while confused, frustrated, insert negative adjective, had a much lighter mood than in past weeks.  Players were jovial with one another, and those who actually made their way into the locker room at least gave the media the time of day.  I kid you not, the media felt like it could breathe again, and didn’t have to hold their breath as Randy ignored, glared, and harshly spoke to any journalist who approached him.

Judgement Day

Let’s make this quick.  Like it or not, Brad Childress is going to be head coach of the Vikings this Sunday against the Cardinals.  Beyond that, his job is up in the air.  I would be surprised if the Vikings lost this Sunday and Childress remained as part of this organization.  The Wilf’s leash on Brad is getting shorter and tighter.  If Childress gets things somewhat on track, his job will very much be in question come offseason.  Childress admitted during his press conference Wednesday that the Wilf’s judge him on wins and losses, and last time I checked the Vikings are 3 under in that column.

Show and Tell

Finally, I’d like to share two things with you all.

First, I was standing amongst the heard of reporters surrounding Tarvaris Jackson.  About two minutes into questions I hear a deep, southern voice coming from directly behind me asking, “How’d your hamstring feel on that long scramble?”  I turn around to see Brett Favre about a foot away from me trying out his reporter skills.  Jackson quickly responded light-heartedly, “Almost popped… I gotta run some sprints.”  Not only was it a quite funny moment, but it shows that players still enjoy each other.  I know I don’t joke often with people I don’t like.

Second, I just wanted to share a photo I took with the phone on my camera.  I’ll give you one guess what it is.

I’ve touched on the attitude in the locker room, both good and bad, but all that matters is what happens on the field.  I will break things down on Saturday in a preview of the Vikings-Cardinals game.  Till then thanks for reading.

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