Quickies: Zona @ Minny

No extreme breakdown of this game is really needed.

– The Vikings need to win to keep this season respectable let alone make a chase at the playoffs.

– Brad Childress needs a win to save his head coaching life.

– If this season gets out of hand, do the Vikings make a QB change or let Favre ride out his career?

– Not only would Leslie Frasier be a great head coach (think Tony Dungy), but Carl Dunbar would be a great defensive coordinator.

– Just think, this week the Vikings could be missing Rice, Harvin, and Berrian, and next week they all could be back.

– If we win this week, the previous quickie statement makes me drool thinking of last year.

– Rookie CB Chris Cook needs to get his groove back.

– Toby Gerhart is slowing getting his feet under him, and I want to see more.  Kid can straight bull you over.

– I want to see at least 3 sacks today.  Heck, I’ll take just one.

– No matter who is his coach come Monday, I want to see Harvin play and practice hard, and with a good attitude.

Hope everyone enjoys watching the game.  Check back soon for a breakdown of the game, and whatever comes of the result (coach status, possible riots, etc.).

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