Quickies: Vikes @ Da Bears

***Correction: Sidney Rice is going to remain on PUP list until next week.

– Apparently the night before Percy Harvin had serious migraines he was up until like 2 AM (his last Tweet came around 2 AM according to KFAN).  I’m not his mom, but maybe he should get to bed earlier.

– Sidney Rice will get at least 3 redzone targets, and I’m going out on a limb and saying he will score Sunday.

– Childress needs to win this game almost as bad as last week.  If he loses by more than 10 and it’s evident his players quit he will not be the Vikings coach next week.

– Adrian Peterson averages over a 100 YDS/GM and 1 TD/GM.  He’s catching the ball better, and hasn’t fumbled ONCE!  Who ever would have guessed that one?

– AP owns the Bears.  I say 120 running, 35 receiving, and 2 TD.

– Well I asked for 3 sacks last week and got 6.  Can I ask for 3 sacks again?

– Can I also ask for 1 INT?

– If the Vikings win their next two games they will be one game out of first place (5-5 and Packers would be 6-4).

– All but one of the Vikings losses have come against teams with 6-3 records or better (Miami is currently 4-4).

– The Vikings have not won a game on the road in one year, even with all the success they had last year.

– Current Bears victories: Lions, Cowboys, Packers, Panthers, and Bills.  Not exactly impressive.

– Berrian finally picked himself up last week.  He will continue this week against his former team.

– I hate predicting final scores, but I will say Minnesota wins 27-20.  It may be the Bears kicking away the game, but either way I’ll take the victory.

– Final note: Kevin Love of the Timberpuppies had 31 points and 31 rebounds yesterday.  He was the first person to have a 30/30 game in 28 years (Moses Malone).  And they won.  Incredible!

I will hopefully have game analysis up Sunday night or Monday morning.  Till then, enjoy the game and Skol Vikes.

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