Quickies: I’m Flying Coach

– Chilly is flying first class with his $8 million buyout.

– Leslie Frazier has six games to prove his worth, but I have a feeling it will be more.  See the videos from Vikings.com and the NFL Network: Interview, Press Conference, and NFL Network Analysis.

– Frazier will pass his defensive play-calling torch to either Karl Dunbar or more likely Fred Pagac.

– My initial gut feelings about the move is right time and right man.  Anybody who says it should have happened sooner either knows the future or is a very impatient, fair-weather fan.  Frazier looks the part of a calm, cool, and collected man (reminds me of Tony Dungy because he was under the tutelage of Dungy).

– Continuing my thought from the last point, Frazier impressed me with his respect for his players.  He can not simply be their friend, but he knows the importance of managing, respecting, and motivating his players.  Often, Chilly seemed cold and condescending.  You always have to have the players on your side, or you are simply a man with an empty roster.

– The Vikings turned into an empty roster for the following reasons: close-minded head coach, unmotivated, selfish/team-less play, Sidney Rice Injury, failed trade for Randy Moss, mediocre line, Cedric Griffin injury, ridiculously tough schedule, Favre’s turnovers, ZERO CONFIDENCE, and on and on and on…

– Please don’t forget Childress did a lot of good for your favorite team over the years.  However, his time was simply at an end.

– The players deserve much more credit for this depressing season.

– The players reactions were captured in a Star Tribune article here.

– The players were very compassionate towards Childress, and very excited for Frazier.

– I am thoroughly convinced the following is how Frazier feels about our QB situation: Favre will play the remainder of the season unless unforeseen injury occurs; Jackson will not be back next year; and Joe Webb is a question mark – either Frazier wants to see what he has in him or he wants to convert him back to a WR.

– Finally, there are rumblings that Bill Parcells has already been contacted by Zygi Wilf for a possible GM position with the Minnesota Vikings.  If this occurs, Parcells would have complete power over the entire roster, draft, and free agency.  I wonder how Frazier would feel about that?  I also hope Spielman can stick around because he has transformed this roster since he first got here.


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