Quickies: Tenth Times the Charm

– For a road win that is.  Finally!

– Frazier took a noticeably simpler game plan than his predecessor.  And it worked.

– The true question: Why did it take a coaching change for Vikings players to not turn the ball over and only commit three penalties?

– Morale and focus is back.  I’m curious to see how long it lasts, but it is back.

– Adrian Peterson should be back for the Bills game, but he will be questionable until game-day.

– Toby Gerhart filled in admirably.  Numbers were not flashy, but he got some key first downs and wore the Redskins defense out.

– Brett Favre will never scramble for more than five yards again, so I hope you enjoyed it.

– Peterson thought Favre’s scramble was as funny as my dad and I thought.  Hilarious.

– The defense stood strong for the most part.  The painful thing was watching the Redskins convert nearly every third down.

– It was nice to see a few sacks and an INT.

– I told my dad I think this team will be similar next year.  Anyone who thinks this roster will implode is wrong.  My guess for starters who won’t be back is: Ray Edwards, Ben Leber, part of our O-Line, Brett Favre, and Bernard Berrian.  A little roster turnover, but not what the national talking heads are saying.

– I want the Vikings to trade for Kevin Kolb this offseason if they aren’t going to pick a QB with their first round pick.  He reminds me of a poor-man’s Aaron Rodgers.  I think he would blossom with our weapons.

***I will be working this Sunday’s game vs. the Bills with KFAN.  I will share on my experiences on Sunday night or Monday morning.

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