Rumblings from Winter Park

It’s Not Brain Surgery

Visanthe Shiancoe handles the spotlight better than any other Minnesota Viking player (although Ryan Longwell loves the cameras).  At a time when the locker room is just getting back to normal, Shiancoe provides refreshing and respectful answers to questions about the old regime, the new regime, and accountability.

“It’s all about accountability… We’re out there playing the game.  The coaches aren’t playing the game.  They tell us what to do.  If you don’t execute what they tell you to do, I mean, who’s to blame?  If you drop a ball is the coach to blame or are you to blame?  If you miss a block is the coach to blame or are you to blame?”

Shiancoe knows the only way to move forward is to look forward.  “We just focused on the future… We can’t get derailed by the past.”

After consecutive blowouts against the Bears and Packers, Visanthe says the difference is, “Effort, energy, griminess, you see people playing a little nasty.”  He attributes Frazier’s hard and physical practices for the change of play.

The problems plaguing the Vikings all year are not a complicated issue according to Shiancoe.  “It’s not brain surgery.  It’s effort.  It’s scheme.  It’s just being a professional.”

The Backup’s Gameplan

Toby Gerhart got his first major run of the season last Sunday toting the rock for 76 yards and one touchdown.

Through the first half of the season, Gerhart showed little vision finding the holes.  Gerhart admitted early on “I was a little bit of a line runner.”

Patience is not something that comes easy to everyone.  Adrian Peterson struggled to slow down when approaching the line of scrimmage during his rookie season as well.

Gerhart knows things will come to him the more opportunities he receives.  “The more touches you get, you get a feel for the game, you get a feel for how the defense is playing.”


Ray Edwards is a hard working, tough young man, but Wednesday he seemed to be in excuse mode.

Edwards blamed the lack of pass rush on the defensive line receiving “max protect” and “eight man protection” thus far this season.

While this may be true, it is quite the contrast from Shiancoe’s theme of accountability.

Ray Edwards said now they’re just “having fun.”

Too bad they couldn’t just have fun prior to a 3-7 start and a fired coach.

This Weekend

I am attending the Bills game with KFAN, so I will report my experiences either Sunday night or Monday morning.

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