Quickies: He’s Back… Oh, and the Vikings Win

– It was like the ghost of Christmas past grabbed us all and took us back to last year’s Sidney Rice.  Rice caught 5 passes for 105 yards and 2 incredible touchdowns.  Three of the catches were absolute jaw-droppers (Click here to see highlights).

– Leslie Frasier is now 2-0 as a head coach.  Vikings face the Giants at noon next Sunday.  The Giants are very Jekyll and Hyde, but are coming off a very nice win against the Redskins.

– Brett Favre will be questionable all week with a sprained throwing shoulder (injury occurred on first pass of the game).  One of two things will happen.  Either Brett Favre heals entirely and starts next Sunday, or he heals enough to be wheeled out to continue his consecutive starts streak.

– T-Jack looked great… if you can look past the three interceptions.  It’s not so much that he turned the ball over three times as much as how he turned the ball over.  The first interception was reminiscent of the pick-six against the Eagles years ago in the playoffs.  The second was not entirely his fault – the ball was a yard behind his receiver, but Camarillo tipped the ball up into the air where it was easily picked.  Lastly and worstly (I can make up words), the final interception showed that this is the same ole T-Jack – throwing off his back foot into double coverage while he was getting demolished by a Bills player.  T-Jack can look like the biggest present under the tree one play and the present that you know is an ugly sweater the next.  Okay, this was not a quickie point, but things needed to be said.

– Adrian can play with a sprain, Adrian can play in the rain.  He can play on a train sitting next to a great dane.  I sincerely believe that Dr. Seuss-like poem, but seriously, the fact that Adrian can look like crap in practice on Wednesday (from a health standpoint) and run for 107 yards and 3 touchdowns on Sunday is beyond incredible.  In the post-game press conference T-Jack said, “He’s not human.”  Exactly what I was thinking.

– This was the most active and aggressive I have seen our defense play this year.  They forced five turnovers, and had Fitzpatrick running for his Harvard degree.  Kind of sad we only won the turnover battle by one – thank you four interceptions from Vikings quarterbacks.

– I was so excited to see Joe Webb get a crack at kick returns and WR.  Too bad he tweaked his hammy a few plays into the game.

– Leslie Frazier does not care what people think of him, but he does it in an incredibly respectful way.  Frazier can only do this because he handles himself right, and thus far has made all the right calls.  I have a feeling when things do go wrong he will handle himself right once again.

– Finally, I want to thank KFAN for allowing me the opportunity to attend the game, sit in the press box, and help out in the locker room post-game.  It was fun, and I hope it was not my last chance.

– I have an extremely busy week because it’s my last week of classes this semester.  I’ll be back at Winter Park Wednesday, and I will try to finally get to some Wolves and Gopher basketball talk Friday.  Thanks for reading and goodnight.

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