Christmas Break… and One Thing

*** I’m back and I hope you are too.  I will definitely put something together tomorrow afternoon after the most enjoyable Vikings game this season. ***

I know I said I was going to be done for Christmas, but I have to share one thing.  Most of us enjoy ripping Brett Favre for not knowing when to hang it up and some of his off-field antics.  But I encourage you to listen to this story courtesy of KFAN and The Common Man Progrum.  There is no doubt Favre has a large ego, but it seems he has a large heart as well.


Hello all.  I just wanted to let you all know I will not be writing until after Christmas.  I should be able to write something following the Vikings game Sunday night against the Eagles.

Also, thank you all so much for reading.  It has been a great experience to use my access at KFAN and my love of sports to write some honest-to-goodness, realistic sports articles.  Feel free to tell friends and family about the site – It’s great motivation to have you all as my readers.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and God Bless.

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