Quickies: Finally!

– No.  Not finally we won.  Finally we looked focused, confident, and motivated.  I can’t remember the last time I had fun watching a Vikings game.  This was fun.

– A lot of people are going to anoint Joe Webb a future Hall of Famer from Tuesday’s game… Okay, maybe not exactly true but usually people go overboard after one good game.

– Now that I’ve said that, Joe Webb looked great from the middle of the second quarter on.  He converted third downs (even third and longs), he scrambled when need be, he didn’t hold the ball in the pocket, for the most part he didn’t stare down receivers, and he beat an excellent Philly defense and team.  Webb out-dueled Michael Vick – please no comparisons to Vick, Webb is more like a Vince Young.  The kid looked the part.

– Now that I’ve said that, whether the Vikings trade for, draft, or sign a quarterback next year, I want Joe Webb in the competition for starting quarterback.  I don’t trust him enough after just one game, but he has shown more – in my mind – than Tarvaris Jackson has in his entire career.  Let’s see what next week brings against the Lions.  If he torches them, I’ll be impressed (even if it is the Lions).

– Adrian Peterson returned to form with a nice 100+ yard game.  He busted two very nice runs – of which one he fumbled while falling to the ground.  That was his first fumble of the season, so I sincerely applaud his success this year on that account.  Bravo.

– Webb looked to have a great repertoire with Rice, Harvin, and Shiancoe.  Rice had a game to forget as he dropped several passes and eventually got knocked out of the game.  The early drops made me hold my breath for Webb because I did not want his confidence to be shaken due to his receivers not holding onto the ball.

– The offensive line held up better than it has all year long in pass protection.  I would have liked to see some holes in the run game, but AP managed.

– The defense played motivated, active, and violent.  It was a joy to watch.  The defensive accumulated six sacks from everywhere.  Winfield had countless blitzes from the edge that gave Vick fits.  The defensive line rushed hard, but didn’t over-pursue Vick.  Interim Defensive Coordinator Fred Pugac dialed up blitzes all night, and it was a welcome change.  KFAN’s Mike Morris said if we blitzed like we did Tuesday against other good, pocket-passers we would have been torched.  I whole-heartedly disagree.  Tell me why it works for other teams but couldn’t work for us (Pittsburgh, New York Jets, Baltimore, Green Bay, New Orleans, New England, etc.).  Teams blitz and it works.  It doesn’t mean you have to be a 3-4 defense or blitz on every play, but you will be torched if you sit back and can’t get a pass rush on a good, pocket-passer.

That’s all I have time for now.  I’m heading to Winter Park, and I’ll have some more Quickies late tonight.

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