Dud of the Week:  Dallas Cowboys

This team is pathetic.  Think of the names on this team (Romo, Jones, Barber, Witten, Williams, Austin, Bryant, Ware, Ratliff, Newman, Jenkins, etc.).  The Cowboys were 1-5 before the Giants ended Romo’s season.  Add two more losses and now Wade Phillips is canned.  He was never a great fit for the ego filled Cowboys.  I would imagine Jason Garrett did not want to start of his coaching career on this footing.  And if you watched Sunday’s game against the Packers you saw the most lifeless, lackluster performance this year.  There were multiple fumbles, wasted timeouts, penalties, poor angles, and no tacking.  The players completely gave up.  Is a new coach really going to fix that?

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Previous DOW losers:

Officials of Sunday Night’s Viking-Packer game (10/26/2010), Randy Moss and Brad Childress (11/1/2010)