Stud of the Week: Cleveland Browns

It was almost the Detroit Lions, but they kicked away a win against the New York Jets.  Thus I turn to another upset where the term “any given Sunday” is beautifully displayed.  The Cleveland Browns did not just beat the New England Patriots.  They dismantled them.  Peyton Hillis ran for 184 yards and 2 TD.  Add in a reverse and scramble for touchdowns and forcing three turnovers.  It was as if the Patriots did not game plan at all.  Bill Belichick did not have much to say at the post game press conference (See Video Below).  I have a feeling this was a one time thing for the Patriots, but kudos to the Browns.

Belichick Press Conference

Previous SOW winners:

DeAngelo Hall – 4 INT (10/26/2010), San Francisco Giants – World Series (11/1/10)